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Crushed Rock & Builders' Sand from Snohomish, Washington

For the best deals on crushed rock and builders' sand for your project, contact the experts at Northwest Sand & Gravel in Snohomish, Washington. We offer several quality landscaping materials for pickup or delivery.

Crushed Rock, Builders' Sand in  Snohomish, WA
Northwest Sand & Gravel Truck, Builders' Sand in Snohomish, WA

Crushed Rock

At Northwest Sand & Gravel, our crushed rock is known for its durability and hardness. We offer several sizes and gradations upon request, including:

• 5/8" Minus
• 5/8" Clean Chips
• 1 1/4" Minus

Drain Rock & Builders' Sand

When you need to add borders to your gardens, foot paths, dog kennels, or playgrounds, our washed drain rock is just what you need. Our washed drain rock is also primarily used for French drains, septic systems, and drain fields.
We also offer washed builders' sand for any use from making concrete to making a sandbox for children.

Washed Drain Rock Sizes:

• 3/8" Pea Gravel • 7/8" Drain Rock

• 1 1/2" Drain Rock

Request more information about the many uses of our crushed rock and builders' sand today.

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